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E-Waste Service & Charges

We do collect certain items that we do have to charge a little money for as we incur costs to recycle them. We also have charges associated with secure hard drive destruction as well as pick up of items.

Standard Charges

  • Hard drive destruction - $5.00 per drive
  • On site pick up of all ewaste and recyclable goods - $30 per truck load

Items We Charge Additionally For

  • CRT Computer monitors - 19 inches or less - $5.00/each
  • CRT Computer monitors - over 19 inches - $7.00/each
  • Tube Televisions - 19 inches or less - $9.00/each
  • Tube Televisions - over 19 inches - $15.00/each

Acceptable Equipment (*** additional charged items)

All electronic equipment is acceptable with the exception of manifested hazardous waste, radioactive waste, biohazardous waste or mercury containing devices**.   Some examples of accepted electronic equipment are, but not limited to:

  • Computer Monitors – CRTs ***
  • Televisions – CRTs ***
  • Tape Players, Printed Circuit Boards
  • Computer Monitors – Flat Panel, CD Players, UPS (personal & network)
  • Telephones
  • Microwaves
  • Televisions – Flat Screen Cell Phones Small Household Appliances
  • Desktop Computers Fax Machines Servers
  • Laptop Computers Gaming Consoles Terminals
  • Keyboards/Mice Power & Network Cables Rechargeable Batteries
  • Toner/Ink Cartridges Network Hubs Peripherals
  • Printers, Switching boxes, Military Equipment
  • Scanners / Fax Machines, Controllers, Medical Equipment
  • Copy Machines, Modems, Telecommunications
  • VCRs, Docking Stations, Commercial Equipment
  • Stereos, CD Roms, Office Equipment
  • Radios, Hard Drives, Banking Equipment
  • Mainframes, Household Batteries, Test Equipment

Unacceptable Equipment

  • Mercury Containing Devices **
  • Devices Containing or Omitting Radioactivity, Alkaline Batteries, Car Batteries
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Light Bulbs (Fluorescent or Incandescent) Thermostats
  • Large Household Appliances (White Goods) Thermometers
  • Hazardous Materials Air Conditioners
  • Fire Extinguishers Gas Powered Engines

**Examples of mercury containing devices are:
         Fluorescent Light Bulbs HID Bulbs Thermostats Boat Switches Thermometers

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