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The Annual Membership Drive

Every year between the start of June and the end of July The Arc has a membership drive. The membership drive is a way to recognize and capture our supporters in a way that allows us to honor them each year on the Wall of Honor that displays in our front lobby. The Membership Drive is also a great fundraiser and an easy way for our members to share The Arc with friends, family and co-workers.

The Arc's Board of Directors

Membership to The Arc is more than just joining our little (actually rather large) family. There are also other perks to being a member of The Arc:

  • Included membership to The Arc Florida
  • Included membership to The Arc US
  • Admission to the Member's Breakfast in August
  • A gift from The Arc at the Member's Breakfast
  • Recognition in The Arc's front lobby
  • Recognition online on The Arc's website

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