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The Arc Gala V

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Arc Gala V: Arc's Got Talent! is fast-approaching and it needs both generous sponors and talented performers to make it successful. Sponsorships for the August 3rd event at Santa Fe College's Fine Arts Hall run from $2,500 to $500, with indidivudal tickets costing $100. Click on the "Yes, I Want To Sponsor" button below to see the privileges that accrue to you or your business should you choose to become a sponsor. Of course, we also could use individual ticket purchasers at the $100 level. You may also click on this same sponsorship button below to access the ability to purchase individual ticket(s). You can, if you have any questions, call Dr. Mark A. Johnson, at The Arc, at 352-246-3516 for more information or email Mark at mjohnson@arcalachua.org. He would be able to discuss how you or your business could best sponsor Arc Gala V.

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Of course, if you think you have what it takes to 'be a star,' than click on the "Yes, I want to Audition" button below and find out the conditions and stipulations you must meet in order to become one of the 10 talented acts to perform on August 3rd and vie for the $1,000 cash prize.

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